The Jamaican Pot

Serving Authentic Jamaican Food

About the Jamaican Pot

Rosemarie Forrest, Rose, as most refer to her as, has always been known to friends and family as a gracious host; a kind, gentle person with a love for cooking and entertaining, but it was not until later in her life that she made her love of cooking her full-time job.

Bruce, a faithful, fun loving and supportive spouse, visionary, serial entrepreneur and business-minded-person who has had dreams and visions of starting and building something great most of his life, has gone from paper route, to video store ownership, to owning ice cream and various mobile businesses. It was not until one day, while working in his video store in New York that a co-worker saw him eating lunch, smelled the aroma of the jerk chicken and rice and peas that was cooked at home and brought to work with him, that they exclaimed that he should open a restaurant. That comment did not fall on deaf ears, because it birthed a dream that would not let Bruce alone. He went home, shared the comment with Rose. Not long afterwards, The Caribbean Pot was born.

Soon they were cooking at home and selling to coworkers, stores and restaurants around the city. This would be followed by their own cart in the local shopping mall… which was manageable. As the demand for their food become more demanding, the only next step was to open a restaurant… but that would not happen for a while.

Still, the thought of owning a restaurant challenged Rose as she had never cooked for that expected number of persons before and she was afraid; not to be deterred, with prayer and encouragement from Bruce, she moved forward, while still anxious about the demands of the future. Soon she was learning how to sauté, flambé, soufflé and sharpening her Caribbean cooking skills that she had gleaned from her grandmother, as a child.

For the Love of Food

Today, The Jamaican Pot, located at Hubble and 8 Mile Road (the first location) is a dream come true and a venture of faith, as we only had the funds to start and go no more than one month, but we believed in the
demand we were seeing and thought the time was right.

We were right and as a result, The Jamaican Pot is still growing, serving tens of thousands annually. However, the ride is not over, we are still toddlers (in people years), so there is a lot more work to be done, a lot more opportunities to pursue and many more unfilled dreams within us so thanks, Detroit, for the ride… Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, you are in our dreams, though not in this particular order.

Many Happy Customers

Today, her meals have made it to the table of dignitaries in business, local political leaders, top professional athletes, famous chefs, entertainers, international movie stars and even to the bottom echelon of society where she, family and volunteering co-workers go on a weekly basis to feed (clothe) the homeless and less fortunate.
This place is AMAZING! The food is fresh and perfectly flavored and balanced. If you love authentic Jamaican food, this is the place to go. We had their Jamaican Jerk Chicken with rice, plantains, and cabbage. The large portion was great for sharing for two plus a few beef patties were just a perfect meal. The chicken tasted great and very spicy (granted we ordered the extra spicy) but in a very good way...

Roxy K - Birmingham, MI

An Especially Unique & Satisfying Occasion

With multiple locations based in Detroit, Michigan, The Jamaican Pot has made a name for itself by providing reasonably priced Jamaican dishes that are second to none, propelling it to be labeled the number one place, based upon customer online and word-of-mouth feedback, to find healthy, freshly cooked, authentic Jamaican food and pastries that are as tasty as they are satisfying.

Our menu items include many menu items include many of the commonly known Jamaican dishes, such as Ox Tail, Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken, etc., made fresh and in small batches daily. We source only the finest all-natural ingredients, never preservatives which, further ensure that all the food items that we sell are guaranteed fresh every day.

With health consciousness in mind, we also minimize the use of salt and sugar; our menu also includes vegan and naturally gluten-free products