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  • Barbecue Chicken with Rice and Peas, Plantain with Cabbage and Sweet Peppers
    Barbecue Chicken with Rice and Peas, Plantain with Cabbage and Sweet Peppers
  • Curry Chicken with Rice and Peas, Plantain with Cabbage and Sweet Peppers
    Curry Chicken with Rice and Peas, Plantain with Cabbage and Sweet Peppers
  • The Jamaican Pot's Frozen Jerk Chicken -- 1LB
    The Jamaican Pot's Frozen Jerk Chicken -- 1LB
  • Oxtail with Rice and Peas, Plantains, Cabbage and Sweet Peppers along with various drinks.
    Oxtail with Rice and Peas, Plantains, Cabbage and Sweet Peppers along with various drinks.
  • Oxtail with Rice and Peas, Plantain, Cabbage and Sweet Peppers
    Oxtail with Rice and Peas, Plantain, Cabbage and Sweet Peppers
Barbecue Chicken with Rice and Peas, Plantain with Cabbage and Sweet Peppers
Barbecue Chicken with Rice and Peas, Plantain with Cabbage and Sweet Peppers

It's not politics! IT IS CHARRITY!

Today, as promised, The Jamaican Pot, Incorporated is supporting the local representative of The Kingdom of Yahweh Ministries; go here to find out more information about the ministry and join us in supporting the local chapter, which supports black, brown and other needy persons in our community.

At their website, the following is noted:

The Kingdom of YAHWEH is a faith-based organization that serves people of all nationalities regardless of their chosen walks of life. We are a community of worship without geographical boundaries. As global peace advocates, our goals include connecting with people from every ethnic group and religious background.   We work to effect change in the community through our international initiatives via direct or indirect sponsorship and supply of resources in areas of need including hospital rehabilitation, education reform, charity drives for the homeless communities, and support of other projects abroad to provide essential resources to displaced families.

In and around local City of Detroit communities, you can find associated persons feeding the needy and homeless, providing financial support, offering prayers and other spiritual and emotional support to the sick and it is the doing of these things that caught our attention. As a result, today, we are delighted to partner with The Kingdom of Yahweh Ministries by providing our physical (when possible), financial and emotional support now and going forward. We hope you will join us in this effort with your own financial and other support... go here to do so

As always, what we do is because of your continued support of your local The Jamaican Pot restaurant. We do not take that lightly or for granted so again, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for being a The Jamaican Pot customer.

And stay tuned as we have more news to come as we continue to spread our wings and reach.

The Jamaican Pot, Incorporated and its sponsors, supports the Tarence Wheeler Foundation; helping to support their ongoing effort in support of Black Lives.

Some of you may recall, on the last weekend of July, The Jamaican Pot, Incorporated and its sponsors, embarked upon a fund raising effort, the first of its kind for us, to raise funds with the intent of supporting non-profit entities that have made supporting Black Lives the main gist of their business. We promised to donate a percentage of that weekend's income to such entities. Well, after a brief period of vetting, we had narrowed our search to three entities -- only two returned our call and replied to our emails -- so we have begun the process of donating those funds garnered, with the help of faithful and dedicated The Jamaican Pot customers. 

Kicking off that process, this week, we met with Mr. Tarence Wheeler, the Founder and CEO of the Tarence Wheeler Foundation and completed the donation, just like we promised we would. We are excited about this but are even more excited about tomorrow, because of the added opportunities it affords us to continue to help Mr. Wheeler in his ongoing effort to feed, mentor and save lives, but to also help others who are doing good work in the Detroit community. You may join us with your support by going here and donating to a very worthy cause as well, with the aim of keeping the work going. Again, we the owners and staff of The Jamaican Pot, Incorporated, thank you for your continued support... we do not take your support and/or continued patronage lightly or for granted.

The Jamaican Pot supports the efforts of black entreprenures and black-owned businesses. 

This month we highlight and support the efforts of Lyndsay Archer, medical student, non-profit founder, author, and creative. Ms. Archer, of Jamaican parentage, has co-authored the book, Fly Doctor, Fly, with her father Dr. Phillip Archer, which is available at our Eight Mile and New Center restaurant locations. You may support Lyndsay's effort with us by purchasing Fly Doctor, Fly in store or online for $14.99 plus shipping and handling. From the author's page: 

   When PJ dreams, he dreams big. His imagination, creativity, and curiosity           takes him on a unique adventure with a hummingbird friend that ignites a           passion for the medical field. Fly, Doctor, Fly! is a colorful children’s picture         book that inspires children to chase the full extent of their dreams.   

This is their first book together, a work of love and passion by both. Lyndsay is creator and CEO of Root Strong, a non-profit geared towards "serving youth in under served communities, domestically and around the world, by increasing access to the necessary resources for their success and development."

A portion of the sale of each book, goes towards supporting and continuing the efforts of Root Strong

Announcing the release of The Jamaican Pot's latest product by our in-house brand, Island Springs Liquid, Alkaline Water for your delight. AVAILABLE NOW! Pick one up today and enjoy all the benefits of Alkaline Water; perfect with your meal, after or during a general or vigorous workout or during the day to stay hydrated.
With a 9.5ph, you get pristine water, not average water, that is proven to better hydrate than average water without the increased hydrogen contained in Island Springs Liquid's Alkaline Water.
Additionally, one bottle of  Island Springs Liquid's Alkaline Water can start you on the path to longer life, cleaner colon, strengthened immune system, weight loss and a biological system that is resistant to cancer.
The anti-aging properties are via the liquid antioxidants that make up the Island Springs Liquid's Alkaline Water, which is more easily absorbed into the human body.
Try it for yourself in single-pack or in a full case of 24 bottles for your school, meeting or other event and satisfy and delight every guest.

Picture to the left: a portion of The Jamaican Pot, Inc. team members pose for our "Black Lives Matter/Black Money Matters" fund raising weekend event, which took place across all our restaurants, Thursday to Saturday (we are closed Sundays), July 30-31 and Aug 01, 2020.

In a word; SUCCESS!

You, our faithful/conscious customers and sponsors, who turned out better than we expected. For this, we are super grateful; so will the recipients who will benefit from your support, when we tally the weekend's intake and set aside the promised portion to go to local and national business (for or non-profit) entities who support BLACK LIVES in one form or another. Know any you'ld recommend? Reach out to us here or via our Facebook page.


When you visit The Jamaican Pot, you are in for a treat. Experience our mouth-watering Caribbean-inspired dishes, prepared with the perfect blend of our island spices and house sauces.

Our warm and charming Caribbean-themed atmosphere will instantly relax you, while our attentive staff aims to please.

The Jamaican Pot is the perfect destination for your authentic Jamaican meal.  We're ready to serve up your next meal 7 days a week.... Call ahead or just come on in, we're waiting for you.

I've been trying different Jamaican restaurants in the past year, and I have to say that The Jamaican Pot ranks one of the top to me so far! I was thinking of trying this place last year.

So the other day I was in the area, and decided to place an order:  Small Jerk Chicken dinner.  Everything was really good in my opinion, the chicken had just the right amount of spice, the cabbage was seasoned, and the plantains were also really good!  I also let my friend try the chicken, and he enjoyed it as well.  I will definitely order again from this place whenever  back in the area.

Erica G - Sterling Heights, MI

Your second (third is in the works), The Jamaican Pot restaurant is now open for your convenience.

The Jamaican Pot, New Center, is now open to serve your walk-in and delivery orders via your favorite food delivery service.

We are located at 3031 West Grand Boulevard, Suite 200 in Detroit, MI 48202.

We hope you will drop by and and join us now or later.

And you are invited to celebrate with us during our Grand Opening on March 06 and 07, 2020.

CATERING: We Bring Jamaica To YOU

Jamaican Pot on Coffeeman Show

Great place, authentic Jamaican food is hard to find right here in the Greenfield / Eight Mile area but for Jamaican Pot. It is easily accessible from north of 8 Mile and south too. It has a great location, parking lot is full from the business they get. Not a long wait at all. Super kind and polite, very knowledgeable about the culture and cuisine. I will be back 100 more times

Mike B - Pontiac, MI

Sweet Jamaica the Land of Great Food

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